August 23, 2019

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The state of Tennessee bleeds orange. And football rules the fall. Satisfy the hunger of your listeners for Big Orange Football with Coach To Coach, a 60-minute addition to your station’s pregame ritual.

Coach To Coach takes you inside the coach’s meeting with two Tennessee legends, former Tennessee Head Coach Phillip Fulmer and former Tennessee Defensive Coordinator Doug Mathews. These two coaching pros shared an office in Knoxville during the Johnny Majors era – so they cut their coaching teeth talking x’s and o’s.

And now they do it every week on your station.

But Coach To Coach isn’t the same ‘ole arguments and fake positions. It’s not the company line. And it ain’t untrained opinions.

This is hard core football, man-to-man coverage of Tennessee football, with x’s and o’s that go way beyond the keys to the game or the player to watch. No generic, plain-jane football talk here.

Every week, Coach Fulmer and Coach Mathews will breakdown what happened in last Saturday’s game – and what they expect to happen this week. It’s like being in the film room for the first coach’s meeting of the week….because that’s truly what it is. Your listeners are connected to the men who developed offensive and defensive game plans for Tennessee for more than two dozen combined years.

And more than half the show focuses on the SEC and this week’s biggest college football stories.

Choose your gameplan now:

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