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Doug Mathews’ Chalk Talk: Preparing For Georgia

First SEC game. Another road game and we will want to build on the Oklahoma trip/game. + Tennessee is doing a lot of the little things that lead to wins. We lead the nation in fewest penalties per game we do not lay the ball on the ground and for the most part are not allowing long runs or passes. ... Read More »

Doug Mathews’ Chalk Talk: Previewing Sooners

The first twenty years of my life were spent in Oklahoma.  I doubt there was a bigger Sooner fan than I was, growing up in an era where Oklahoma at one point won forty seven straight games and Coach Bud Wilkinson captured three National championships.  My dream was to be the next Tommy McDonald, win the Heisman trophy and succeed ... Read More »

Doug Mathews’ Chalk Talk: First Win Recap

Before looking at the Arkansas State game Chalk Talk looks back at the impressive opening game against Utah State.  We will do this each week and want to make sure that Chalk Talk readers understand these are observations intended to allow you the reader to look inside the football program.  “Lessons” are documented after each game by the staff to ... Read More »

Doug Mathews’ Chalk Talk: Utah State Preview

Chalk Talk starts what will be a weekly look at the previous game when applicable and the upcoming game on the schedule with today’s article. What went right and/or wrong and why? The problems the next opponent will present the Vols and the probable way we will attack those teams. We will keep you updated on the improvement or in ... Read More »

Doug Mathews’ Chalk Talk: The Change Part 2

Time. The most precious commodity a football coach has is time. Time to think things through, time to talk through each individual detail of a package of defenses, time to install a practice plan to implement those defenses, time to make sure each player understood what we were asking of him, time to make sure the coaching staff understood what ... Read More »

Doug Mathews’ Chalk Talk: The Change

My phone rang sometime after eleven o’clock pm. I was still up because it was hard to go to sleep after getting beaten at home 52-24.  Our record had moved to 0-5.  We couldn’t score many points, and we couldn’t stop our opponents.  There was no caller id in 1988 and if there had been I am not sure I would ... Read More »

Doug Mathews’ Chalk Talk: 1986 Sugar Bowl

Thanks for the many kind comments on the last Chalk Talk, it was sure fun remembering the events that came together that season. Several of the ‘85 team’s players receive Chalk Talk and I heard from many of them. Not surprisingly many from that team have had outstanding careers after playing for the Volunteers. They were truly a special group. ... Read More »

Doug Mathews’ Chalk Talk: 1985

Ask any Vol fan over the age of forty to name their all-time favorite Tennessee football team and the odds are that the 1985 SEC and 1986 Sugar Bowl champion Volunteers will be at or near the top of a very short list. The ‘85 team returned the Big Orange to the top of the football world, a position not ... Read More »

Doug Mathews’ Chalk Talk: The Schedule

few weeks ago the Southeastern Conference released what many SEC watchers call a “compromise” on future scheduling in football that will begin with the 2016 season. For the past two years two major areas of scheduling have been debated and studied within the conference, whether to keep the permanent crossover opponent for each university (Tennessee/Alabama), and either keeping the current ... Read More »