August 22, 2019

Big Orange Football Talk. Smart conversation. Pure x’s and o’s. No hot takes. Welcome to our weekly coaches meeting. This is Coach To Coach insured by Delta Dental and Farm Bureau Health Plans.

Former Tennessee Defensive Coordinator Doug Mathews and former NFL head coach Dave McGinnis take you inside Tennessee Football. The whys and hows of strategy. The honest assessment of skills and techniques. The lessons learned. Go inside your favorite team every week on Coach To Coach.

Across the Volunteer State every weekend. Your team. Our coaches. This Is Coach To Coach.

In celebration of the 150th season of college football, our Coach to Coach team examines 150 of the greatest influencers in college football history. Coaches. Players. Commissioners. Contributors. We examine the people Doug and Dave believe have impacted the game we love. The order is not important. The contributions are.

Listen every weekend as we reveal the newest additions to the 150 Greatest College Football Influencers.